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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Eco Eats?

We are an national eco-friendly platform that brings food you love and coordinates food donations so everyone eats! Our values are core to our organization to make the world a better place in a creative and innovative way that makes finding great food easy and fun to eat! In addition we help give extra food in a safe way for a non-profit community partner nearby to eat and enjoy.

How Does it Work for Restaurants and Everyday People?

Restaurants and everyday people who love food use our alpha that is coming soon. Its works by restaurants posting food and someone buy's, pickup and enjoys it nearby. Started here: (Soft launch coming soon!)

Still Need Help?

We're here to help. Businesses can directly contact And impact buyers can contact and we'll be happy to help your question and support needed.

How Does Delivery Work for Businsses with Extra Food?

We specialize in delivering to local non-profit for someone to eat and enjoy. Our delivery application is available. We make it convenient to book a delivery and enhance their corporate social responsibility program. With us, it's easy for our food business partner with extra food. Start your application here.

How Do Businesses Benefit?

Our people, planet and economic benefit model means, the more you give the more you have in return. Our commuinty partners get access and and a head start to make a positive impact in their community before launch. In addition we help all businesses enhance their corporate social responsibility by joining with Eco Eats and out community network. Resteraunts reach out to Delivery application start here.

How we Delivery Food Safely

Sirocco is our technical food consulting & training services that provides us with sharp senses and systematic assurance when we deliver. And Food Safety Management System implementation (HACCP, SQF, FSEP, Preventive Controls for Human Food) We focus on science and best practices. With Eco Eats insurance, provinces 100% donation protect act and national food safety regulations, we provide value and expertise to our clients including supplies and measurements with our Community Delivery Food Partners.

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